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Add Valore offers extra guidance for writing your thesis at a very competitive price. Depending on the package you choose, we review your research and give you practical tips to improve it.


We can look at the design of your research, the language and structure of the concept, but we are also happy to help you collect and analyze the data.

In addition, we provide standard templates with the correct design and explanation, so that we can set up a solid and valid research together.

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First we will discuss your research topic, framework, Research strategy and then we will look at prior research and existing knowledge in your topic


Then we will create an abstract with a clear structure and line of reasoning that has a solid theoretical framework. We will point at topics like validity and construct for you


After backreading your draft, you will have several feedback sessions to improve 


We can assist you gathering and analysing your data and we can also help in formulating conclusions and research findings

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