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Executing your strategy

Care gives you the comfort of having things done for you by our experts. It is one thing to learn about social media or having a content strategy written down for example but it having it executed can give you the comfort to have everything managed.

Add Valore would be honoured to take care of you and your business.

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Financial Care

You can choose to outsource your bookkeeping and other financial activities. This will give you great insights in your cash management, your cost structure and will make life easier for you in terms of forecasts, tax reports and applying for financial products.

Commercial Care

Add Valore can add value in searching for clients in your niche, Generating leads or searching for brand ambassadors and influencers that promote your brand and product. We will take a critical look at your current distribution strategy and pricing to optimize your positioning and sales processes.

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Digital Care

Being online is everything in some branches. We get excited when we can optimize your online presence. If you need help with a proper content strategy or with running adds, you need us. We see your online presence as your storefront and window. Add Valore analyses and optimizes your findability and visibility in search engines so that customers in your market can easily find you.

Legal Care

Join us in our legal subscription! We have the uniqueness of a subscription that gives you continuous access to legal advice against a very sharp rate. Starting From a monthly fee of € 34,95 exclusive of VAT you have a legal assistant that creates contracts that guard your benefit, screens contract with your suppliers and handles legal issues with your employees. In case of problems we stand by you in court or give you a discount on one our partners with top law firms and notary offices.

juridische hulp bij het opstellen van voorwaarden en contracten
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